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Anime Links:

Here is my collection of great anime links.  These are all sites that I have been to and liked.

Trixie Turnpike from the Anime Web Turnpike!Anime Web Turnpike, ultimate links page.Anime Web Turnpike - One of my favorite anime sites.  The Anime Web Turnpike is run by Jay.  He has also made some other fun and interesting sites.  Check them out while you're there.  Even though this is a really thorough and well-done anime page it has some problems;  About a tenth of the links are broken, and about a quarter of the sites in some sections are really pointless.  Nevertheless, this is an excellent site and is most definitely one of the best sites on the net.  Rating: 4/5

Dead Totoro!101 Things To Do With A Dead Totoro - This is a very amusing and entertaining site.  Essentially a joke site, 101 Things To Do With A Dead Totoro is well designed and straight-forward.  Rating: 3/5

Animation World at!Animation World - This is another good anime resource.  Has a nice look with a few pics, but isn't really graphic intensive so computers with a slower connection should be ok.  Animation World is a great site to go to.  It may not have as much material as Anime Web Turnpike or, but non of the links are dead and it has better quality material. Rating: 4/5, ultimate anime resource! - A great anime site with tons of material.  A great place to find artwork, midis, games, links, movies and more.  I got many anime-related files from   Unfortunately, there are many dead links on this page.  About one half of all the great files on this site are dead. is really nicely done, but is pretty graphic intensive so slower connections might have some difficulty, but he's redone a few parts to speed things up.  Note:  I haven't been able to get to this site in a while.  Rating: 4/5

Join the AFC today!Asuka Fan Club - A nice fan club page.  I am a member of this club.  I'm not really sure what the point of the fan club is other than to admire Asuka, but its a really nice page.  Note: This site has recently changed to an Anime female character fan club.  Rating: 3.5/5

aniMEGAban 1.jpg (9695 bytes)aniMEGA - A great picture site featuring pictures of Asuka and Rei, Sakura, and Skuld.  Probably hundreds of pictures on the site, and they're all of exceptional quality.  Rating 3.5/5 Asuka_New_1.jpg (955 bytes)




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