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The sites here are informing, useful, impressive, slick, nice-looking, or just plain GREAT sites.

Find rare anime items and more at eBay!eBay - eBay is a great site to find rare stuff of any sort (tons of anime stuff).   The items are sold auction-style and are bid for until the auction time runs out.  Rating: 4/5

Squaresoft.  Famous for RPG's.Squaresoft - Website of the great game-making company Squaresoft.  They made the Final Fantasy series including FF7 and also soon to be including FF8.  They also made other great RPG's such as Xenogears and Parasite Eve.  VERY nice site.   Rating 3.5/5 Asuka_New_1.jpg (955 bytes)

Webcrawler, my personal search engine choice.Webcrawler - Great search engine which I use most often.  Many people submit their sites to Webcrawler first since it is a more general search engine than most.   Also associated with Excite and Yahoo!.  Rating: 4/5 Asuka_New_1.jpg (955 bytes)

Hotmail, free email service.Hotmail - Free email service that I have used in the past.  First place you should go if you don't wanna pay for email.  Puts a short ad at the bottom of your message saying something like "Get free email with Hotmail!" or something to that effect.  Excellent service nonetheless, and of course, free.  Rating: 3/5 Asuka_New_1.jpg (955 bytes)

Interplay, great game company.Interplay - A great game making company.  Made games such as Fallout and Baldur's Gate (Two of my all-time favorites).  Also has excellent site layout.  Rating: 4/5 Asuka_New_1.jpg (955 bytes)

Need help with games?  Click here!Gamespot - Very thorough site with help on many games.  Covers computer and video games.  Has walkthroughs, hints & tips, cheat codes, and more!  Rating: 3.5/5 Asuka_New_1.jpg (955 bytes)


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