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Welcome to Kozzmaster5's Asuka Shrine. This is a site dedicated to everything about Sohryu Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion™, who just happens to be my favorite anime character.  This site also covers the series Neon Genesis Evangelion and other anime, but others will not be covered as thoroughly as Asuka.

Our name changed!  I don't use the name NeoMoto anymore anyways and I figured it'd be better if I didn't confuse people with my new email address.

Since this is a new site, it tends to have a lot of stuff dealing with Evangelion or anime in general.  As I get more material, the site will become more and more having to do with Asuka.

I know this site is plain and probably has some problems so if you have any questions, comments, complaints or anything else email me:

This site has absolutely no hentai and is a member of hentai FREE (I finally applied).  For those of you who don't know what hentai is, it is literally translated to "pervert" or "perversion" in Japanese.  To join the group or for more information on the ' hentai FREE' organization, click the picture on the frame/menu to the left or go straight to the site at

I recently joined WC-20 (Web Cleaner 20) which is a club/webring similar to hentai FREE except that it deals with getting rid of porn, hate, and profanity as well as hentai.  To join or for information on this site go to

Most of the pics on this site I got from other sites, so feel free to take them. If you want any of the pics that are used in the banner or anywhere else where you can't get the original pic, email me, and I'll send it to you. My email address is below.

The site has various anime music playing.  They aren't in the music section though.  Email me if you want them.

This page was made for 1024 x 768 resolution setting or greater.  Page may not look as intended with other settings.  If you are using 640 x 480 resolution or 800 x 600, you may have some problems.  I'll fix this problem in a bit.

Sorry about the lack of updates.  I lost the site's files for the longest time and have just recently found them.  Many apologies, it wont happen again. =]

Site created on 2/14/99.  First published on 2/24/99.

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