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The news section of this site has current events dealing with updates, construction, errors, broken links etc...  This  is gonna be kinda skimpy for a while because once again, this is a new site.  I put the times when I updated the site because I noticed that on other sites I was curious about how often they really did update their sites.

1/5/00 - Incase anyone was wondering.  I changed the site name.  Also my new email address is

1/4/00 - Ack!  Sorry people.  Heh, I sorta screwed up and lost this site for a long time until I stumbled on it the other day.  Once again, SORRY!!! =P

3/10/99 - Joined WC-20 "Web Cleaner 20."  It's similar to hentai FREE, but also deals with getting rid of porn, hate, and profanity.  I also encourage you to join this club/webring.

3/7/99 - Finally joined hentai FREE.  I encourage you to do the same if you have an anime site.

2/24/99 - Sorry, for now we don't have any games and we have very little music.  If you have any games or music that I could put on the site, email me.  I'll test them out and I'll put it on the site.  Published the page for the first time.


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