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Here are a few themes that you can download.  Themes require "Microsoft Plus!" to use.  I don't have samples of these, sorry.    More coming soon!

Asuka Theme 1

Rei Theme 1

Eva Theme 1

Instructions:  After unzipping the file, open the folder.  There should be a theme file and a folder full of icons, cursors, wallpaper etc.  Move both the icons, cursors, wallpaper folder and the theme file to a folder named "themes" inside the Plus! folder.  After that open the folder containing the icons, cursors, and wallpapers.  Move all the contents of the folder except for the "readme" file into the themes folder.  Then go to the control panel, select desktop themes, then select the theme you desire.  For help on this read the "readme" file.  If you need further assistance, email me at


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